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“You don't just put a sign on a wall”

We control the entire process of sign development from initiation to implementation through our seven stage process we go from a blank canvas to your optimal sign.

In order to fulfill the above, we pride ourselves on, always providing the following elements to our service.

Reliable on-time quotes and delivery

  • Quotations are accurate and competitive.
  • Delivery times are commensurate with the requirements for speed tempered by the need for quality.
  • Deliveries are made promptly and with adherence to promised deadlines.
Complete service.

  • “You don't just put a sign on the wall”. We offer complete service from the initial design to installation.
  • We deliver projects, not just signs.
  • We offer total control of the project including graphic design, construction, electric and installation.
Complete control of complex sign design.

  • All buildings have strict guidelines for the interior and exterior signage. We keep a comprehensive database of the requirements of all buildings in which we work and thus can produce quality work that is not delayed by the need for identifying landlord requirements and gaining approvals.
  • All exterior signs (and interior signs are that are visible from the exterior of the building) usually require a permit and approval process. In addition, there are often regulations covering size and location.
  • We have a database of the requirements of most of the towns we work in on a regular basis. In all cases, we would advise our clients of the need for regulatory approval and help our clients gain the necessary approvals (note it is the client's final responsibility to obtain these, however, on most occasions, we do act as agents to obtain permits on their behalf).
Consulting services

  • Placement and other legislative requirements
  • Size limitations
  • Material selection
  • Visual aspects – color, size, positioning, content, verbiage
  • Mounting and placement
  • Graphics and logos