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The Seven Stages of Sign Design
1. Purpose

a. What is the objective for the sign
b. Who is it trying to attract
c. What is the message / image the sign is trying to portray.

2. Location

a. Where is the sign to be placed
b. How will it be seen to its best effect
c. How will it be mounted.

3. Design

a) What size does it need to be
b) What color should it be for maximum visibility and effect
c) How should the message be delivered,
d) What graphic requirements are there.

4. Brand Requirements.

a. What logos need to be placed on the sign
b. Ensure that corporate color schemes are accurately translated
c. Project company branding image to its greatest effect.

5. Materials

a. What is the longevity requirement
b. What environment will it be in
c. How will it best be seen
d. How can it be made in the most economical manner and still fit all requirements of the sign

6. Regulatory compliance permits size, location etc.

a. What permits need to be obtained
b. How big can it be
c. Where must it be placed
d. What locations can it be in
e. What building requirements does the landlord have

7. Budget / Delivery times.

a. Each project is given a detailed budget
b. There must be a confirmed delivery time